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Target Markets

We are actively pursuing hotel investment opportunities in and around the following metropolitan areas:


How we work


We have clearly defined location, property, and brand criteria that will save you time in determining deal fit.


We are interested in creating long term relationships with our sourcing partner networks across the US.


We are a nimble team with a flat organizational structure, able to review any opportunity in record time.



While we have clear investment criteria, we are not dogmatic and keep an open mind to identify property's optimal use.


We are creative in crafting the deal structure that meets both parties' objectives in terms of deal value, payout timing, and deadline.


We are not limited by strict investment criteria such as deal size, property or project type and as a result we are a better partner than larger funds.




After two decades in this space, we have intimate knowledge and access to the full spectrum of brands in the hospitality space in the US.


As a nimble team, we are able to not only provide quick feeback on an opportunity but also stand ready to execute the selected transactions.


Unlike larger private equity funds where hospitality is a niche and the focus is on real estate, our bread and butter is hotel investing.


Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Proper Incentives

We believe in recognizing effective contributions. As a result, we are offering our deal sourcing partners economic incentives that are unparalleled in the industry. Contact us to learn more.

Referral Source

We are laser-focused on a set of specific markets, which we believe will experience significant growth in the coming decades. As a result, we have built considerable knowledge about these markets and target consumers, and we appreciate a local partner who is able to bring additional insights.

Quick Feedback

Whether it is asking for more information or provide a quick assessment of the deal opportunity, we will offer some of the most actionable, fast feedback amongst our investor peers.

Long-term Partnership

Over the years, we have built a considerable community of investors and that enables us to make useful introductions for attractive deals that may not be a fit for us.

Insightful Dialogue

We have had great success in working with local partners. We look to forge a long-term relationship, as reflected in our approach and incentives, with partners focused on areas we are particularly interested in.


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