We are a hotel investment company that aims to be a catalyst for personal, community and global transformations. We expect each stakeholder to benefit from our investments:


Positive and differentiated social experience in open, creative environments.


Fair, dignified, and motivating work places with upward mobility and social interactions.


Leading or participating in neighborhood revitalization and job creation.


Substantial renovation to properties, preserving history while enhancing socialization.

About Us

Crimson Rock Capital was founded in 2014 by Dionis Rodriguez after an extensive career in the hotel and real estate industries. Andrew Murphy joined the firm in 2020 to grow the firm's glamping and outdoor resorts efforts

Our goal is to add value to society and inspire you through our investments and efforts.

We are creating the private equity company of the future and seek to fundamentally understand and invest in properties for experiential travelers in emerging neighborhoods, beautiful outdoor destinations, and up and coming US domestic markets.

This is who we are:


We are creating a different type of private equity firm focused on both maximizing returns and improving the lives of our guest, employees, community and other stakeholders.

We are collaborators, creatives, high performers, coaches, mentors, friends, and entrepreneurs seeking to positively impact the world - one compelling investment at a time.

We believe that our nontraditional backgrounds and our differences strengthen our resolve and enable us to deliver superior risk adjusted returns to investors.

Purpose Driven

We believe that our purpose as founders of Crimson Rock Capital is to be a catalyst for positive personal, community and global transformations and for increasing fairness in the world.

This goal is a direct result of our upbringing, our personal and professional transformations, the opportunities we had access to, and the great mentors, friends, and family who continue to support us.

Technology Savvy

Crimson Rock Capital fundamentally believes that the industry and the world is undergoing significant transformation given the impact of technology, how society consumes it, as well as the unleashing of entrepreneurial talent that will continue to change society.

Technological advances are substantially altering how we live, work and play, creating a more knowledgeable, experiential, discerning consumer.

We focus on this wave of consumers, adding value to the entrepreneurial efforts that propel this brave, new, revolutionized technological society forward, through investment or partnership.

Forward Thinkers

We are constantly asking ourselves questions like what happens to hotels when people have self-driving cars or benefit from technology that allows extremely rapid transportation.

Such advancements will redefine the meaning of location and require hotels to focus on delivering experiences in order to compete.

Technology and experiences are the wave of the future and commoditization will not be the norm.

Process Focused

In our efforts to create a new type of private equity firm, we adhere to the principles of lean startup and total quality systems, looking to implement an idea design, sourcing, and investing process that allows fast scalability while maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

We believe that having a strong process and striving for continuous process improvement will allow us to achieve greater success in a world that we believe will undergo unprecedented changes brought about by the current technological revolution over the next several decades.

Leveraging Talent

We believe in the power of crowdsourcing ideas and solutions to problems.

Our education, experience and backgrounds have shown us that more than one right solution may exist but with meaningful discussions we can develop a more inclusive solution than any individual perspective could.

We welcome the feedback, advice, thoughts, and concerns, ideas of everyone inside and outside our organization. With your help, we can be better!

Consumer Focused

It’s all about the people.

Instead of focusing on traditional metrics, like, location, we focus on the consumer and how to create a project that is a strong fit and will deliver the type of experience and value sought by that consumer.

We are targeting millennial consumers as well as travelers who seek experiences and are technologically savvy - people who refuse to be satisfied by commodity products.

Adding Value

We are committed to being a value added contributor to all of our efforts. Our investments are focused on assets that need a combination of renovation, repositioning, and management turnaround. If there is no value to be added, we believe that we are not the right fit.

We seek to be a positive force in the lives of our employees by treating them with respect and fairness, and by providing a meritocratic supporting environment where they feel motivated to add value. We seek to make a difference in society through the transformation of physical assets.

Change Leaders

We believe the only true constant in the world is change. We seek to manage and lead change for the benefit of our stakeholders and society.

We have been through significant changes in our personal and professional lives and thus, we are comfortable and thrive in changing, transformative environments

Team Builders

We believe in creating high performing teams for every project to maximize success.

We embrace diversity and understand that it makes us stronger.

We treat employees with fairness, dignity, and empathy and believe that they are the reason for our success.